Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Haul from mbok and Buffalo Bobs

I received my parcel from Japan on Monday :D Really cool.

They emailed me last friday saying that they would sent it out on Friday so I was really shocked it actually arrive on Monday 0.o

They packed it really well too.
If you want anything from Japan, you can ask them to help you purchase and sent it to you. They help you to bid for auction stuff too:

So here is how they wrap it.:
Well its really nicely wrapped :)

So I bid a bracelet from Mbok:
The bracelet suppose to reassemble one of Hyde's bracelet. Hmm if you are curious, you can watch Anemone ~Ãngle 2~ Pv and u will be able to see the bracelet when his singing with the mic stand.
Heres the link to the PV:

Next one, I bought it off from the buffalo bobs website itself, well if you read Men's knuckle and stuff, you will know more about this brand :)
The hilarious thing was, initially I thought its just those normal long wallet and I did not pay attention to the dimension and... when I open the package.... my reaction was just classic... I was so shock I screamed lol~ well not literally but in my mind :P Its SUPER BIG for a wallet can!!???
I think its suppose to be an organizer of some sort because there actually a place to put pen. Not sure how to describe. lol
Heres the inside:
I love it cos super lots of compartment Xp My mom saw and she was like "Someone so rich? Got so many cards to slot meh?"=.=||||
And the front is actually a pocket and the back is a pocket with a zipper. Its nice actually. so... even though its super huge I just used it anyway as a wallet lols
This is actually quite a new released from buffalo bobs. Immediately I fell in love because it matches my Buffalo bob's bag which I bought last year

so yeap thats all and all :D

Cant wait to go to MAC tomorrow to check out the new collections which will be released, namely are Micky Contractor, Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours. Damn man, Im already so super poor. >.< Im  really excited about Cham Pale.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!!!


Well 2010 is not bad for me :D At least I got to see Tokio Hotel in person and get to attend the Singfest with them in it for free thanks to my friend Hehe. Love ya~~~

Sure hope I can see them more in person this year 2011 :D Im sure my friend has the same thought as me right? :p

Ok so let me share some stuff .

On Dec 30, my band got invited to play for the Customs for their year end event. In my company, we actually form a band for recreation purpose and stuff, but we do hope we could get it big ; )
I join the band as a vocalist :)
Sang Angel by Sarah Mclachlan. Done back up vocal for Maroon 5 - she will be loved and Neyo - One in a million.
They gave as a token of appreciation for our performance. It was a really pleasant experience. The people there are really friendly and nice. My mic gone off halfway of my performance, so I tried to sing as loud as I can to reach the audience across the room Xp After that, we are invited to join them for lunch. The buffet was awesome. The food are nice :D
Heres the token of appreciation they gave each of us:

So 31 Dec was new years eve and it was half day of work. Thought of going shopping awhile before going home since no one's at home. Super lots of people =.=|||

Bought some Sentimental Circus and Rilakkuma stuff:

Went to ALT and buy a mask for face shaping. Saw it in xia xue's blog and decided to give it a try.
It cost $35 !!!! for a box but there are 7 packs in them so its not so bad ^.^|||
If you want a faster effect, you will need to use 3-4 times a week which I dont think I ll be doing that since... *cough* one box is like *cough* $35? *cough*
The normal use would be 1-2 time a week which I plan to use once 1 week Xp so it can last me for 1 mth 3 weeks?
Each use, you ll need about 30-40 mins. It has a hot sensation and will increase as the duration increases. Its quite comfortable actually.
Hopefully they will deliver good results :D Im using my first today. Well see about that. Hehe.

Will be selling off some Japanese magazine, my room is flooding soon.
Yeap I LOVE Men's Knuckle. Im more into their fashion than Ageha or Egg. I love to see section of make up from Ageha/Egg/Pop teen/Pop sister. But for fashion wise, im more to the Men's knuckle kind :D

I better buck up and post them for sale already... My mother is screaming of my stuff flooding the room. Need to sell off some Rilakkuma too :/ Will post the links here if any of you interested :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first post

Ok. This shall be my first blog concentrating more on my hauls and cosmetics. :D

but for the first post, I shall dedicate to Jae :D I knew her from a blog I just could not stop reading (stalking :X):
Jae's Blog link

Recently, I have participated in her giveaway and I could not believe I have won.
She packed them really nicely and actually opted for a registered mail instead of a normal mail to send her items. Its really nice of her.

She wrapped it up cute in pink:

After unwrapping the pink, she wrap the items nicely in bubble wrap with a really nice and cute note that made my day ^.^

I got a necklace, star ring, alice in wonderland pouch and a MAC lady gaga lip gloss. (sorry for the mess besides which are things scattered all over my table)

I really love everything and am using them everyday.

Thank you so much Jae~~~~

Have bid a bracelet from mbok and ordered a wallet from Buffalo bobs. Cant wait for them to send out.

Will take pics of them when they finally arrive to me :/